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Kisan Suvidha

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Kisan Suvidha is an omnibus mobile app developed to help farmers by providing relevant information to them quickly. With click of a button, they can get the information on weather of current day and next 5 days, dealers, market prices, agro advisories, plant protection, IPM Practices etc. Unique features like extreme weather alerts and market prices of commodity in nearest area and the maximum price in state as well as India have been added to empower farmers in the best possible manner.

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Pusa Krishi

ZTM&BPD Unit; ICAR-IARI, New Delhi is leading 14 ICAR institutes of North Zone-I. The unit strives to be a strong link between the research community and the outside world. It promotes Agribusiness Ventures through technology development and commercialization for everyone from a corporate to an individual farmer. We have a variety of technologies / products for commercialization. Some technologies may be market ready, however some may require validation and some may require up scaling. We license our technologies to both private and public sectors.

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MKisan Application

This app has been designed and developed by inhouse IT team of DAC with the help of C-DAC Pune. It enables farmers and all other stakeholders to obtain advisories and information being sent by experts and government officials at different levels through mkisan portal without registering on the portal.

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Shetkari Masik Android App

“Shetkari Masik” is one of the most popular monthly magazines in the Agriculture sector, under publication since 1965. It is published by Department of Agriculture, Maharashtra.

The Android app for Shetkari magazine has a very simple interface and requires mobile internet or Wi-Fi connectivity to register and download the issues. Once downloaded, the magazine can be read without internet connectivity.

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Developed by CDAC, Mumbai. The application is a multilingual Android application targeted for rural Gujarat. The app is useful for farmers or anyone related to agriculture. It is available in English and Gujarati languages. The main functionalities of the app are:

  1. Get suitable crops as per soil and season
  2. Get crop wise information
  3. Check weather in your area
  4. Manage your cattle

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Bhuvan Hailstorm App

A mobile app has been developed to capture crop loss happened due to hailstorm. Agriculture Officer will go to the field with mobile or tablet loaded with this mobile app. This mobile app is able to capture following parameters :

  1. Photograph of field with latitude and longitude.
  2. Name of Crop
  3. Date of sowing
  4. Date of likely harvesting
  5. Source of irrigation

This captured data will automatically be plotted to Bhuvan Portal and analysis can be done easily.

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AgriMarket mobile app can be used to get the market price of crops in the markets within 50 km of the device’s location. This app automatically captures the location of person using mobile GPS and fetches the market price of crops in those markets which falls within the range of 50 km. There is another option to get price of any market and any crop in case person does not want to use GPS location.

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Sikkim Horticulture And CashCrop Assistance

This app is used for submitting online application for obtaining Departmental assistance by farmers of Sikkim.

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Animal Husbandry
Sikkim Allotment Of Breeding Bull

This app is used for making request for allotment of breeding bull under Animal Husbandry department of government of Sikkim.

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Application for Poultry

Developed by CDAC, Mumbai. The Animal Husbandry Department of Himachal Pradesh has introduced Backyard Poultry Scheme under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme, where low input technology birds of colored strain but disease resistant type are supplied to the farmers of the state. With the help of this app, an applicant who wants to obtain assistance under Poultry Chick and Backyard Poultry Schemes of Govt. of Himachal Pradesh can apply online.

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Pashu Poshan

NDDB has developed an android based software that can be used on phones as well as tablets. With the help of this software balanced ration is formulated while optimizing the cost considering animal profile, i.e. cattle or buffalo, age, milk production, milk fat, and feeding regime etc. and milk producers are advised to adjust the quantity of locally available feed ingredients offered to their animals along with mineral mixture.

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Other Usefull Apps for Farmers
Digital Mandi India

This App helps in checking the latest Indian agricultural commodities Mandi prices from different states and districts. Easy to use and intuitive, the app enables farmers, traders and all others to know the updated Mandi price from anywhere. Its main features are:

  1. Browse through various commodity categories
  2. Browse prices in different states
  3. Simplified flow to reach the selected commodity's mandi price
  4. Copy the mandi price of a commodity
  5. Sync data from the Indian government portal

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This Android based application, developed by National Remote Sensing Centre, ISRO, is useful for field data collection for crop assessment using satellite data under FASAL project of Ministry of Agriculture. The application can be used for collecting Field Photographs (640x480 resolution), GPS coordinates and Field information, such as crop type, condition, sowing date, soil type, etc.The farmers can also upload pictures taken through their mobile devices depicting status of the crops, varieties and soil as crowd sourcing. This information will be extermely useful in creating a national geospatial database of crops. The information can be sent in real-time, or later on using the Send Later option. All data received though this application reaches at ISRO’s Bhuvan Server.

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Karnataka Bhoomi

Bhoomi (meaning land) is the project of on-line delivery and management of land records in Karnataka.Framers of Karnataka know the status of their application through this app.

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HP Soil Testing

This app has been developed by C-DAC Mumbai for agriculture department of Himachal Pradesh. With the help of this app farmers can submit soil health samples of their land to the concerned soil health testing lab of their district / Block.

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Intelligent Advisory System for Farmers

Developed by CDAC, Mumbai. Farmers can get different farming season details, month based atmospheric and ideal conditions for variety of crops.

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Crop Info

Developed by Nirantara Livelihood Resources Private Limited, Bangalore, Karnataka. The Crop Info App provides Production Technology of commercially important Horticultural & Agricultural crops on your smartphone. It provides production aspects, post-harvest technology, processing possibilities and market information. Crop Info is an App specifically developed for students & faculty of Agricultural & Horticultural Universities, Subject Matter Specialists & Extension Officials of Agriculture & Horticultural Departments, Private Sector Professionals, Farmers and anyone interested in cultivation of crops.

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