Presentations of India Agriculture Outlook Forum 2018

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1 Innovative Ways for Managing Crop Residue-Ms. Anumita Roy Download
2 Innovative ways for managing crop residues to address episodic pollution from crop fires- Ms Anumita Roy Download
3 INDGAP Certification Scheme- Mr Anil Jauhri Download
4 Commodity Trading – Challenges & Prospects - Mr Aleen Mukherjee Download
5 Contract Farming - Ms Sangita Ladha Download
6 Food Standards & Regulations - Mr N.Bhaskar Download
7 How to deal with volatile prices- Mr Damian Kaminsky Download
8 Contextualising Agricultural Trade- Prof. Biswajit Dhar Download
9 Global outlook for food and agricultural markets- Ms Katia Covarrubias Download
10 Demand And Supply Forecasts Of Foodgrains, Oilseeds, Horticulture And Animal Products- Dr. Parmod Kumar Download
11 Spanish Agricultural Insurance System- Dr. Teresa Barres Benlloch Download
12 Overview of US Crop Insurance Program- Mr Thomas W. Worth Download
13 Performance Evaluation Of PMFBY- Dr. Ranjan Kumar Ghosh Download
14 Dutch Integrated Farming- Dr. Siebe Schuur Download
15 Integrated Farming-success stories- Dr. Smita Sirohi Download
16 Role of allied agriculture sector in DFI- Dr. O. P. Chaudhary Download
17 Working of Pressurized Irrigation Network Systems (PINS) in Selected States of India- Prof. S. S. Kalamkar Download
18 Enabling Participatory Irrigation Management-Mr Y.D. Sharma Download
19 MIS Recent Advances Irrigation & Nutrigation- Mr Arun Deshmukh Download
20 Enabling Non Farm Thematic Activities with Customized Extension Services - Dr. Brajesh Jha Download