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State Wise Best Practices

Andhra Pradesh
Access to farm implements & machineries through establishment of Custom hiring centres
Cultivation of redgram on rice bunds;
Application of pre and post emergence weedicides in pulses;
Promotion of Slightly Modified System of Rice Intensification (SMSRI) drum seeder and automatic transplanter for rice;
Line sowing of Rice in rainfed conditions;
Foliar spray of micro-nutrients in pulses;
Foliar spray of urea for reducing terminal moisture stress;
Use of zinc as micro-nutrient.
Arunachal Pradesh
Promotion of use of HYVs of rice;
Introduction of one year vocational training on planning, production and management of agri- business for rural unemployed youths;
Distribution of pump sets for ensuring irrigation to crops;
Mechanizations of farm operations through establishment of agro service centres;
Cultivation of stress tolerant varieties & hybrids of rice;
Promotion of HYVs of pulses and cereals
Line sowing of wheat through zero till seed drill/seed cum fertilizer drill;
Cultivation of green manuring crops and use of vermi compost;
Promotion of HYVs of minor millets;
Adoption of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Rice and System of Wheat Intensification (SWI) in Wheat;
Promotion of hybrids of rice & Maize;
Distribution of foundation seeds to farmers in each village for seed multiplication;
Application of mechanical devices like pheromone trap and Nucleo Polyhedro Virus (NPV) for insect control.
Line sowing of paddy for DSR and application of weedicides
Promotion of System of Rice Intensification (SRI)/hybrid Rice;
Cultivation of arhar on rice bunds;
Use of sprinkler system in pulses;
Application of bio agents/bio pesticides.
Use of transplanter for line sowing of paddy.
Promotion of ridge furrow planter, seed cum fertilizer drill for mechanization of farm operations;
Use of liquid bio-fertilizers;
Promotion of laser land leveler for leveling o of land ;
Cultivation of hybrid rice ;
Optimum use of nutrients based on soil analysis chart prepared for each village;
Promotion of water saving devices ( sprinkler & drip) in pulses and cereals.
Relay sowing of wheat in cotton;
Promotion of DSR in rice/basmati rice;
cultivation of rust resistant varieties of wheat;
Creating awareness about use of fungicides for control of yellow rust;
Promotion of residual management technologies i.e. turbo-seeder.
Himachal Pradesh
Promotion of yellow rust resistant varieties of wheat;
Use of water soluble fertilizers;
Use of pre & post emergence weedicides;
Creation of awareness about Integrated Pests Management (IPM )practices.
Jammu & Kashmir
Promotion of micro irrigation system (Sprinkler and Drip);
Use of vermi-compost & cultivation of green manuring crops;
Accessibility to farm machineries & implements through custom hiring centres.
Promotion of micro irrigation system (Sprinkler and Drip);
Use of vermi-compost & cultivation of green manuring crops;
Accessibility to farm machineries & implements through custom hiring centres.
Adoption of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and cultivation of hybrid rice;
Promotion of relay cropping in late rainfall conditions;
Promotion of zero till technology for cultivation of pulses in rice fallow;
Cultivation of pulses using Broad Bed Furrow (BBF) and Ridge Furrow (RF) methods.
Community spraying for effective control of pests & diseases;
Cultivation of pigeon pea through transplanting & dibbling methods as well as use of drip irrigation;
Cultivation of HYVs/hybrids of rice through DSR;
Use of bio-fertilizers & bio-agents;
Adoption of IPM practices including e pest surveillance;
Use of mechanical harvester for red gram, black gram, green gram and bengal gram;
Adoption of seed hardening technique;
Application of hydrogel to reduce moisture stress in pulses;
Use of in situ green manuring.
Raising of paddy nursery on community basis
Application of trichoderma fungi
Use of bio-fertilizers
Mechanization of farm operations in paddy through establishment of agro-service centres.
Cultivation of pulses on rice bunds
Madhya Pradesh
Line sowing of crops in Bundelkhand and Baghelkhand region replacing traditional broadcasting system;
Deep ploughing through Haldhar Yojana;
Cultivation of pulses using BBF and RFS methods;
Seed treating drum for seed treatment;
use of spiral graders for grading of crop produce;
Mechanisation of farm operations through Yantradoot Gram Scheme.
Cultivation of crops using BBF Planter and Ridge Furrow Planter for moisture conservation;
Use of drip irrigation in cultivation of redgram;
Promotion of hybrids of Coarse cereal (Maize & Bajra).
Multiple cropping with a rice based cropping pattern of Rice-Rice-Mustard/Pea/Potato for increasing cropping intensity
Promotion of hybrid rice through System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and composite nurseries;
zero tillage technology for sowing of field pea in valley areas;
Promotion of HYVs;
Promotion of SRI in Paddy;
Use of lime a soil amendment in acidic soil.
Promotion of HYVs/hybrids in rice;
Wide campaigning of seed treatment of crops;
Log wood bunding to reduce soil erosion and moisture conservation;
Use of paddy reaper & thresher.
Line sowing & line transplanting of paddy by drum seeder/rice planter;
Raising paddy nursery on community basis
Balanced use of chemical fertilizers;
Use of lime/paper mud as soil amendment in acidic soils.
Relay planting of wheat in cotton;
In-situ crop residue management through zero tillage;
Use of bio-fertilizers and organic manure;
Promotion of leaf colour chart for balanced use of fertilizers;
Replacement of yellow rust susceptible wheat varieties;
Cultivation of hybrid maize.
Promotion of water efficient technologies like water carrying pipes & sprinkler irrigation;
Application of micro-nutrients;
Use of gypsum in wheat & pulses as sulphur supplement;
Seed cum fertilizer drill for line sowing of wheat.
Tamil Nadu
Large scale adoption of technologies like System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in rice and System of Pulses Intensification (SPI) in pulses;
transplanting of Redgram;
Raising community nurseries of rice;
Use of liquid bio fertilisers;
Application of stress management technology in rice;
Cultivation of pulses on rice bunds;
Application of pulse wonder technology in pulses;
Promotion of crop doctor to deliver on spot pests & diseases remedial measures.
Use of lime for amelioration of acidic soil;
Promotion of integrated plant nutrient management;
Cultivation of stress tolerant varieties and short duration of rice.
Uttar Pradesh
Line sowing of paddy through drum seeder/rice planter;
Line sowing of wheat in Eastern UP through zero tillage seed drill/seed cum fertilizer drill;
Promotion of laser land levelers;
Cultivation of hybrid rice.
West Bengal
Cultivation of pulses utilizing in situ moisture of rice fields;
Promotion of HYVs/hybrids of rice;
Use of micro-nutrient based on soil nutrient map.